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2/10/2016 - Old Bridge Community Energy Aggregation Program


Old Bridge Energy Aggregation Program - 2016

As described in detail below, the Township of Old Bridge established the Old Bridge Community Energy Aggregation (OBCEA) program, and awarded a contract to South Jersey Energy Company (SJE)
for the provision of power supply to Township residents at a price of $.08615 per kilowatt-hour. This rate is approximately 15% lower than the average JCP&L tariff price for power supply!
Residents who do not currently have a third party supply contract or do not have a rooftop solar power system were included in the initial program eligibility pool.
Those residents received a mailer from SJE in early January 2016, describing the program and providing instructions on how to 'opt-out' of the program if they did not wish to participate in the program.

The initial opt-out period for the OBCEA Program has now been completed.
Those residents who received the program notification last month, and did not opt-out of the program,
will be enrolled by the program supplier, South Jersey Energy, for service beginning with your March 2016 meter read date.

If you did not opt-out of the program, you should receive a letter from JCP&L in early February 2016 confirming the enrollment of your account with South Jersey Energy.
This letter is merely a confirmation, and there is no further action that you need to do in order to participate in the
OBCEA Program and to begin enjoying the estimated 15% savings on the power supply portion of your bill.

If for some reason you do not wish to participate in the program, you can simply contact JCP&L to 'rescind' your enrollment with South Jersey Energy.

Any residents that have not received any of the mailers, but wish to participate in the OBCEA program can join by simply calling South Jersey Energy at 1-(888) 812-1826.
Township of Old Bridge Community  Energy Aggregation

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