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3/6/2015 - Old Bridge Community Energy Aggregation (OBCEA) Program Public Information Session Scheduled for March 12, 2015 at 6:00 PM
The Township of Old Bridge
Community Energy Aggregation Program

A Money-Saving Opportunity Sponsored By Your Township

Dear Old Bridge Resident,

The Old Bridge Community Energy Aggregation (OBCEA) Program is designed to reduce your monthly electric bills. Through this ground breaking initiative, the Township of Old Bridge is partnering with Gabel Associates to offer residents an easy way to save money on their electric supply while providing consumer protections and securities.

Community Energy Aggregation is a program that allows the municipality to negotiate a “bulk purchase” of energy supply on behalf of its residents, at prices lower than the average utility price. New Jersey regulations allow municipalities to take this approach to procure savings on your behalf. The Township has engaged the services of Gabel Associates, at no cost to the taxpayer, to implement Old Bridge's Community Energy Aggregation Program aimed to save you and the community money.

Here are the basic facts about the OBCEA program:

• Old Bridge would procure electric supply in bulk on behalf of its residents.
• Old Bridge would only enter a bulk power supply agreement with a supplier if the price to the consumer is less than the regular retail price charged by JCP&L.
• All residents who currently obtain power supply from JCP&L (i.e. those who do not have a
contract with a third party supplier) are automatically included in the program, but residents are also free to opt-out at any time with no exit fees or penalties.
• The delivery or distribution of energy remains as it is today, through JCP&L, and service reliability is not affected. You would still receive a single monthly bill from the utility. JCP&L
will still be responsible for service reliability, and you would still call JCP&L in the event of any service problems.
• Once a supplier is selected and the contract price is established, all residents will receive information about the program and be given the opportunity to opt-out.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions has been posted to the Township of Old Bridge website.
Please visit http://www.oldbridge.com/

You're Invited!
The Township of Old Bridge invites all residents to attend a public
information session on the OBCEA program, which will be held on:

When: March 12, 2015 at 6:00 p.m.
Where: The Old Bridge Municipal Administration Building

Please disregard this notice if your residence is located outside the Township of Old Bridge