Old Bridge Township

Middlesex County, NJ

1 Old Bridge Plaza, Old Bridge, NJ 08857
Phone: 732-721-5600     Fax: 732-607-7900


8/5/2020 - Post-Storm Brush Pickup


The special Township-wide brush & branch pickup began the week of August 10, 2020 in all Wards. It is taking longer than expected due to the impact of the Tropical Storm. We appreciate your patience.
Please read the following guidelines carefully:

-Branches should be NEATLY stacked (same direction) and cut down to 4 foot sections (they do not need to be tied)
-Logs 5 inches in diameter should be placed outside separately from the brush and cut to 4 foot lengths
-Small twigs & sticks can be placed in a bucket or pail
-No grass, yard waste, tree stumps or leaves
-There is NO appointment necessary for this pickup

If your brush is not picked up by 8/28, please contact us:
(732) 721-5600 Ext. 6140

Thank you for your patience.