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6/10/2020 - NJ COVID-19 Outdoor Pool Standards

New Jersey COVID-19 Outdoor Pool Standards

New Jersey public recreational bathing (PRB) pool facilities, except aquatic recreation facilities, are permitted to open to the public on or after June 22, 2020, pursuant to Executive Order No. 153 (2020). Pool facilities are defined in the Order, pursuant to N.J.A.C. 8:26-1.3, to include conventional pools, hot tubs, spas, wading pools, special purpose pools, and aquatic recreation attractions that include, but are not limited to, “pools operated by or serving campgrounds, clubs, churches, cities, common interest communities, counties, day care centers, group home facilities for six or more clients, health spas, institutions, parks, private lake, river, or bay associations, or private community lake, river, or bay associations, State, county, and municipal agencies, retirement communities, schools, specially exempt facilities, subdivisions, or cooperative living type projects of three or more living units, such as apartments, boarding homes, condominiums, hotels, mobile home parks, motels, recreational vehicle parks, townhouses, trailer parks, and youth camps.”