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12/4/2012 - Resident Advisory Notice - Tax Assessor Hurricane Damage Assessment Program

Superstorm Sandy Damage Assessment Program


The Tax Assessor’s office is requesting that all taxpayers who have suffered any structural damage to their homes, accessory outbuildings or the land itself as a result of Sandy notify the Assessor by sending an email with your address and a brief description of the damage to taxassessor@oldbridge.com .  If you know someone that may have property damage and may not have access to the internet please pass along that they may also call our office at (732) 721-5600, extension 2799 and we will take the information by phone.  Our office will then inspect the damage and adjust the property’s 2013 assessment as necessary, effective January 1st, 2013.



Any information you can provide as to the extent of the damage and estimated dates for repair completion will be helpful.



My office is already aware of much of the severe damage caused by Sandy, particularly in the areas of Cliffwood Way and Bayshore Ave.  All homes on those streets are already on the inspection list and property owners there do not need to do anything else to notify us but of course may still send information regarding the extent of the damage.



Please make every effort to make our office aware of any storm related damage as this is the only procedure allowed by State statute to address an assessment reduction for 2013 due to material depreciation of your property after October 1st, 2012.  The 2013 tax appeal process is based on the value of your home prior to October 1st, 2012 and you may not receive any tax relief by waiting until next year to file an appeal.



All property damage assessments will be made on a case by case basis and any repairs principally completed by January 1st, 2013 may not qualify for a reduction for 2013.



Please note that any reduced assessments as a result of storm damage will be for the 2013 tax year and forward and not a reduction for your current 2012 assessment and property taxes.  Accordingly, all taxpayers are reminded to continue paying their property taxes as billed by the Tax Collector’s office.  If your property assessment is reduced for 2013 you will see the reduction in assessment in a notification mailed to you from my office sometime in late January or early February.



Please let me know if there is anything my staff or I can do to help you along with this process.



Brian Enright

Tax Assessor

Old Bridge Township