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4/22/2020 - Minor Work Permit Inspections Postponed

Code Services Department - Minor Work Permit Inspections Postponed Until Further Notice


Building Division: As per the NJDCA State guidance document and new Governor’s Executive Order 122. We will not be performing any minor work permit inspections until this is over. Minor work includes items such as basements, kitchens, bathrooms, furnaces, water heaters, boilers, lawn sprinklers, burglar alarm systems, air conditioning systems, electric services, pool finals or anything that involves indoor inspection of a residence. Only new construction of buildings that have no access from the residence. If a resident is in middle of an addition, kitchen, or bathroom permit and cannot provide access from exterior without access for them from the interior, then contact the appropriate Subcode Official for instruction on how to do the rough inspections. Final inspections can be done at a later date.

We will continue to plan review permits during this period. All applications should be mailed in, to our attention.

Housing division: Homeowners wishing to sell their home can apply online, pay online and an inspector will contact you with instructions on how to get a Temporary Certificate to close. Unoccupied homes will be inspected as normal. This means no one is to be in the home and no belongings.

See Governor’s Executive Order #122 for “essential construction”, all other construction should stop.

Click here for breakdown of what is essential