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10/29/2012 - Resident Advisory Notice - Mayor Issues Executive Order Restricting Travel on Local Roads



WHEREAS, Hurricane Sandy is moving along the New Jersey Coast bringing the potential for severe weather conditions, including heavy rains, high winds, dangerous storm surges and stream and river flooding that may threaten homes and other structures and endanger lives in the State of New Jersey over the next several days; and

WHEREAS, Governor Chris Christie declared a statewide weather state of emergency on Saturday, October 27, 2012; and

WHEREAS, the hurricane and associated severe weather conditions have the potential to directly threaten the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the Township of Old Bridge; and

WHEREAS, pursuant to the authority of Executive Order No. 104 issued by Governor Chris Christie on October 27, 2012 declaring a State of Emergency for the State of New Jersey;

NOW THEREFORE, I, OWEN HENRY, MAYOR OF THE TOWNSHIP OF OLD BRIDGE, in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of Old Bridge Residents, do hereby order mandatory travel restrictions as follows:

1.       A travel ban is in effect for all local roads in the Township of Old Bridge.


2.       All residents should remain in their homes and/or designated shelters.

This order should take effect immediately and shall remain in effect until such time as it is determined by me that an emergency no longer exists in the Township of Old Bridge.


Date:  October 29, 2012





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