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11/3/2017 - Press Release: OB Submits Amazon HQ2 Proposal


For Immediate Release: November 4, 2017

Contact: Steve Mamakas, 732-721-5600 ext. 7920




Middlesex County, NJ – This past September, eCommerce mammoth, Amazon.com, announced they are looking to expand their foothold out of Seattle, Washington and into another community where they will open their second North American headquarters.

Having asked any interested areas in the U.S. to submit proposals for their review, Old Bridge Township stepped up to the challenge and through collaboration between the Mayor, the Business Administrator, the Township Planner, the Township Engineering and the Executive Officer of the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development, detailed their official proposal outlining why Old Bridge would be a logical choice for Amazon.

“Our proposal carefully outlines the local, regional, and state assets that Old Bridge Township has to offer Amazon,” said the Mayor. “With the proximity of a thriving metropolitan area, including a number of resources like regional commuter transportation options, international travel, and high quality educational facilities, our unique, communal town provides diverse housing choices, historic achievements, and natural open space areas.”

The report goes on to outline that Old Bridge Township is the third most populous municipality in the county, residing in the 18th most populous state. The town was ranked as the 31st safest town to raise a child in the U.S. this past year, with access to the New York Metropolitan Area, including the highest amount of residents employed in computer and mathematical sectors.

Lastly, the report highlights that the NJ Legislature pledges to offer tax breaks worth $5 billion over the next decade to Amazon if it decides to build in New Jersey.

“Our town’s location would provide Amazon with the best of both worlds: a safe, supportive community that has access to the most inventive metropolitan area in the world,” said the Mayor. “We are formally inviting everyone who has not seen our town to consider visiting in the coming months. We will welcome you with open arms.”

For more information regarding HQ2, visit: http://www.oldbridge.com/content/5142/5211/default.aspx.