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9/8/2017 - PSE&G Gas Infrastructure Updates
PSE&G is in the process of completing the gas infrastructure updates within Old Bridge Township Madison Park Community.  This gas infrastructure work was delayed.  PSE&G Contractors will be mobilizing to begin the pavement restoration activities once the gas upgrades have been completed.  Paving is tentatively scheduled to begin on Monday, September 11,  2017 between 9am and 3pm daily for a duration of approximately 4 weeks, weather permitting.  The following Roads will be affected:
  •   Princeton Rd  (Lehigh Rd to 80 feet South Cornell Rd)
  •   Georgetown Rd (Villanova Rd to Princeton Rd)
  •   Villanova Rd (Ernston Rd to Princeton Rd)
  •   Wellesley Rd (Harvard Rd to Princeton Rd)
  •   Harvard Rd (60 feet south of Lehigh Rd  to Princeton Rd)
  •   Colgate Rd (Princeton Rd to End)
  •   Bates Ct (Cheesequake Rd to End)
  •   Cornell Rd (Princeton Rd to Cheesequake Road)
  •   Cheesequake Rd (Valve 9001 to 360 feet south of  Brandeis Rd)
  •   Yale Rd (Cheesequake Rd to Princeton Rd)
For any paving questions please refer to the contact information on the PSE&G Door Hanger –LYNDEN LITUS JR. (609) 584-1100 Ext. 134.
For gas infrastructure construction, contact the project supervisor, Eric Adams (908) 279-3217 .  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, website and our television station for any updates.