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8/21/2017 - Solar Eclipse 2017
Join viewers and celebrants as they experience this exciting event that will happen today and will be visible to us here in New Jersey around 1:21pm.  The Solar Eclipse is one of nature’s most amazing sights where the moon will completely cover the Sun and the Sun’s fragile atmosphere, the corona.
Old Bridge Township residents can watch the eclipse and view a live NASA streaming at the Township of Old Bridge Public Library at 1:00pm today. There will also be many activities for the children.  For more information, go to:  http://www.oldbridgelibrary.org/event/total-eclipse-sun-celebration/
For other Library locations, go to: http://spacescience.org/software/libraries/map.php
Caution: If you are watching the eclipse, never look directly at the Sun as you can damage your eyes or possibly go blind.  Safe options include a Sun filter or eclipse glasses.  Sunglasses do not work.  Please be careful and
enjoy this historic and awe inspiring event!!
For additional information on the Eclipse: