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5/10/2017 - National Hurricane Preparedness Week May 7 - 13


National Hurricane Preparedness Week

May 7th - 13th is National Hurricane Preparedness Week - are you ready?


Starting May 7th through May 15th many Americans will be in observance of National Hurricane Preparedness week. This week was set aside as a week to encourage individual and community awareness of natural disasters, namely hurricanes. National Hurricane Preparedness week calls upon (and honors) the efforts of those who volunteer and safeguard communities before, during and after adverse events. This week offers the opportunity to prepare individuals, families and communities on the importance of hurricane preparedness. It is not enough to only be aware, being properly prepared for these unpredictable events not only serves the individual but also the community at large. Preparing for these events can offer peace of mind and equip communities with the tools they need to be resilient. The Pacific Hurricane season begins May 15th, while the Atlantic hurricane season will start June 1st. It is important that in the event of a hurricane you know where to go and that you have the proper materials ready. FEMA will introduce daily themes throughout National Hurricane Preparedness week, each with a specific task for the individual. The goal behind these tasks is to encourage the individual to take small but necessary steps to prepare for a potential hurricane.

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