Old Bridge Township

Middlesex County, NJ

1 Old Bridge Plaza, Old Bridge, NJ 08857
Phone: 732-721-5600     Fax: 732-607-7900


             Matt Mercurio, Director of Parks & Recreation and Social Services
          Anahita Feltz, Silver Linings at Old Bridge Manager
        Phone: (732) 721-5600 x6600
            Hours:  Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 4:00 pm


Welcome to Silver Linings at Old Bridge (formerly known as the senior center).  Our goal is to remain attractive to those of you who are already members and to attract those who are now just retiring and looking for a place to go.  Our new image in the public eye eliminates the stereotypes of "older adults" as poor, lonely, and frail.  We are more vibrant and active here than ever before.  We hope to capture a much greater audience of members simply by taking advantage of the power of words and leveraging the creativity of the mature mind.

So our hope and goal is to be the "silver lining" for our members each and every day.  The term "silver lining" emphasizes the hopeful side of a situation that might seem gloomy on the surface.  The common expression "every cloud has a silver lining" means a comforting or hopeful aspect of an otherwise unhappy situation.


          Growing | Learning | Giving | Connecting

Join us this September as we celebrate Senior Center Month! This year's theme was chosen to highlight how senior centers build momentum for aging well in their communities. We know the research and importance behind CONNECTING older adults with others, and that making friends matters. That LEARNING new languages and skills and exercising helps care for your body. That GIVING back at the senior center and within the community fosters purpose and a more meaningful life. And that as long as each of us lives, we want to continue GROWING to be the most we can be. Senior Centers have built a holistic experience where all of this is possible. This year, let's celebrate the many ways our center builds momentum for people's health, economic security, and independence.

Dunkin Donuts (Partnership 2018)

Dunkin Donuts is now a proud partner of the Silver Linings at Old Bridge!  Center members can receive a 10% discount simply by showing their Center Identification Card.  Our yellow Celebrate Life shirt is hanging on their wall - make sure to check it out next time you go in.  This offer is only valid at the Dunkin Donuts on Route 516 (across from the municipal complex).  Enjoy!

Lunch at Friendly's (Partnership 2018)

Join your friends for a delicious $5 lunch special at Friendly's every Thursday afternoon.  Please be sure to wear your ID for the special price.  Click here to see our exclusive $5 menu at Friendly's! 

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Did you know that you can receive our newsletter by e-mail?  The newsletter is emailed on the same day as the calendar review meeting.  If you are interested in receiving the newsletter by email, please drop off your email address to the office or let us know at afeltz@oldbridge.com. 

You can also stay connected with us here at www.oldbridge.com/SilverLinings for current information, general information, pictures and more!








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