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Middlesex County, NJ

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Pet of the Month

Each month, the Animal Shelter will feature adoptable pets in need of forever homes.  There is also a special adoption discount for the pet of the month! For more information on these adorable animals, contact the Old Bridge Animal Shelter at 732-721-5600 x6300 or email Animalcontrol@oldbridge.com



Meet Sawyer!

Meet Sawyer, our handsome long haired, Main Coon mix. He is three years old and ready to find his new family. Sawyer is as playful as a kitten, he loves a good catnip mouse or a feather wand. He may seem a bit shy when you first meet him, but as soon as you play with him, he lights up. He is a gentle cat who is always interested in anyone who visits the shelter. Sawyer looking for a home with experienced cat people, who will take the time to play and bond with him. He did not have the best start in life, now he is looking to write his next chapter, with a loving family. Could that be with you? He will be neutered and vaccinated prior to adoption. Please come to the Old Bridge Animal shelter to meet Sawyer!

Meet Sawyer Video